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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hmmm, not so cool....

I finished my initial proto build of my "hack rack" and tried it out and it immediately bent on both ends...I guess 240# is too much for a rack made of electrical conduit. That's OK, it was butt-ugly!

I am keeping it intact and available for any other wild ideas I come up with to actually sleep on my sidecar. It was kind of a neat idea and I see that with a different approach it may yet work.

Anyhoo, I just welded up a couple of brackets that fit in the inboard frame supports I originally planned to use for the rack. This way I have a good place to carry my Kamp-Rite tent-cot and will still be able to sleep up off the ground and use the tent on it for either bugs and/or rain. It is hard to describe but when I get them painted up and finished, I will include a couple photos.

I will have to let go of the idea of being able to do any truck stop or WalMart parking lot camping...certainly not my favorite thing to do but better than paying $25 or $30 a night for a place to lie down for the night. I really hoped to have a way to be able to use the occasional Pemex station in Mexico.

One thing I have been thinking about is filling in my map of states I have motorcycled in and that requires a trip through most states east of the Mississippi. Unlike the west where you can camp just about anywhere, I found it rather difficult to find campgrounds, etc. when I was there....maybe better research will help.

Anyway, there you are...the bike still looks more or less like it did and I remain a pretty lame designer/fabricator....nothing new...LOL.

Happy trails....

My new seat.....

Nice lightly used Corbin leather aft end is very is my back.

Baja mellow

Baja Bri

Me and my buddy

Me and my buddy
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B.O.B. and Dina

B.O.B. and Dina


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