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Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I joined some time ago and it is really huge fun.Here is a link to them.

OK, I think this will work....

Kiva is an organization that allows one to make small loans to various folks around the world. I started with an extra $25 I had and have made 3 loans so far....two of my own money and one from the paid back money.

It works so that the money you invest in others is paid back and you can again loan it to help someone else....if you are interested I hope you check it out. It is easy, and for the cost of a few lattes that you will never miss, you can help make a big difference in someone's life who is, just like you and I, trying to feed their family and grow their tiny little businesses.....

Not a commercial....nothing comes to me except I feel really good knowing others may enjoy this too.


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Me and my buddy

Me and my buddy
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B.O.B. and Dina


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