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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Season's Greetings!

I wish you all a very Happy Christmas and New Year. Thanks for sharing the journey of life  with me, thanks to all of you that have your own blog so I can see how your journey progresses....

What a great year it has been for me and I feel very blessed to have the friends and family I have and to be in good health and have the freedoms I do. The freedom of movement is one I believe is very special. How many people in the world cannot move freely around and go and do what they want to do? Whether it is personal mobility problems, financial difficulties or even the luck of the draw as to where they live.

I am amazed to know that somehow I inhabit this body in the USA and I share that privilege with many of you. I have had some travel this year and when I am in a different country, especially a developing country and see how hard it is for people and that so many of them retain a sense of humor and seem happy with their circumstance, it embarrasses me that so many of my fellow U.S. citizens take the freedoms they enjoy for granted and want to refuse others a shot at that, whether they are able to legally  or illegally come here like so many of our ancestors did.

Somehow they think it is something more than the luck of the draw that they were born here.

Let's appreciate our good fortune this year and be kind and welcoming to those who are just looking for a shot at a decent life....most of those folks don't want any more than a job and a few bucks to send home to their families, believe me, most do not want to be away from their families any more than we do.

If you really feel strong about them not coming here...go there and appreciate them and the beauty in their own country and leave a few bucks there so they don't have to come north....

May the Creator bless us all....everywhere!


Friday, December 23, 2011

All is well....well sorta,

I finished the bike repair the day before yesterday and it is good to go anywhere. In fact I have been riding it around yesterday and the day before as soon as it was done....
Yesterday was a beautiful, sunny, 50-ish day and quite pleasant on the bike.

I woke up today, the day I was planning to go see my bride in Durango for the weekend, and there was about 4 to 5 inches of snow and mid twenties temp. Now at 11:15 AM there is about 8 to 11 inches of snow and high twenties temp. So much for travel plans...for today.

Maybe mañana....

I was told this morning by our server at breakfast, a lifetime resident of TorC, that this has never happened in her lifetime...she is about 30 years old. I am sure there are a lot of locals that are thrilled their Christmas will be white.

Happy Christmas, white or other...


Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hahahaha...Stay forever? Nope!

I am back in our little compound in TorC and enjoying full-time internet again although it is kinda chilly here.

I had a GREAT time in Mexico, however anyone who knows me knows that the journey is the THING for me, not the destination and after a week on the beach, I was done beaching and ready to roll.

Had a great drive back home and my Chinookie did a great job of being my home as well as my chariot. So comfy in this current incarnation that I am excited to do some maintenance and upgrading  mechanically to keep it up.

One thing I did was include a small refillable propane tank instead of using the disposables. It works great and since I just bought and included a Buddy propane heater, I will set it up with it's own hose so it too can use the bulk tank.

The buddy heater did a wonderful job of taking the chill off the inside when I needed it and is reachable from the sleeping bag...perfect....

I must say that it was interesting that of the 20 or 30 gringos I met while in Mexico, none were conservatives. That is rather telling isn't it? Seems to me if you are concerned about poor Mexican folks slipping through the border and taking all the scut work jobs in the US, you might think it worthy to go there and spend a little money so some could stay home....maybe I am just simple....but it seems to me if we refuse to go enjoy their beaches and wonderful country and pay them for the things they are so ready to supply or to do, we are just increasing the problem.

Narcotraficantes and bad chappies?....I guess I missed all of them. Once again I only met the same sweet, happy and kind folks I always do in Mexico. I didn't even see any more military or police than I usually do nor were they any more rigorous in their inspections, etc. than usual.

Hmmmm, do you think maybe someone is bullshitting us? I sure do...

Happy Trails,

Monday, December 12, 2011

Ah, I found my beach!

I am now camped on the north end of Playa El Coyote and I guess I will be here until I head north....I am muy contento right here. As long as my $9 a day holds out I'll be fine.

The local guys come by with everything you could want: agua, eggs, produce, giant clams, bread, pastries, etc....all "almost free" so other than internet, all you need to leave the beach for is to walk over one cove to the El Burro and eat some fish tacos....

I am meeting some of the most amazing and interesting world travellers and adventurers and folks who know the same folks I do, etc. etc.....very cool and very tranquillo...

I think I will stay is said that people come down for a couple days and stay for the entire winter so we'll see if that is true....

Two palapas over the eternal morning fire is kept by an intrepid couple from Joseph, OR and the entire beach crew gathers for coffee and general chatting up each other...very social bunch and very welcoming of anyone who comes along....

I am glad the happy hour is on the south end of the beach though....

Stay well and I will report in whenever I can get up the energy to drive in to the Gecko Bar and cafe for internet access.....


Friday, December 9, 2011

A couple days later...

I am now on the shore of Bahia Concepcion in Baja Sur. Not too sure how this will work out though. I found a campground that not only has a spot to camp, but it is right next door to the only bakery in the area....Newly opened a couple of weeks ago but it is a  restaurant, bakery and hostal with bunks and a couple rooms....I have a shower to use and a real bathroom instead of an outhouse. It costs an arm and a leg though...$15 a night! Yikes!

I may stay for a couple nights and then push on for Loreta, a town I particularly liked the last time we were here. Didn't like the campground due to some serious partying going on but right now there is virtually no-one here, tourist wise.

Last night was spent in San Ignacio in a very quiet and sweet campground right on the river....$7 and a very primitive bañ an outhouse....but it beats 'da woods...
Three other rigs showed up so there are some folks on the road....

I had breakfast in the morning right next to the campground at Ignacio Springs Bed and Breakfast that Tim and Charlotte had told me about. Nice expat Canoodlians with a choice spot on the river and several yurts for rent....They are superb cooks and breakfast was made from all homemade items...whole wheat bread, homemade jellies and jams, nice cut up fresh local fruit and just squeezed juice, local eggs and homemade British bangers and Canoodlian bacon. Ummmmm-um ! I'll be back.

Our usual stop in Mulege, the Orchard RV park has been wiped out three consecutive years by hurricanes so is no longer an RV park...they have built dozens of unique little homes that sell for about 35K US. Unfortunately the next hurricane will scour them all out too...Hmmm, what's wrong with this picture? I think I'll pass this time...

I have been thinking and scheming and I may make Loreto my furthest  point south this trip...possibly take the ferry from Santa Rosalia to Guaymas or wherever it goes and head north on the other side of the SOC. Dunno about that but I cannot get my mind off my sidecar rig and the work it needs so I can once warmer weather this time, head south on it....I really so much prefer riding to driving.

Anyway, more will be revealed to me as I keep waking up in the mornings...I thought I might turn around before now but haven't....

I'll keep you posted....

A big Happy 40th to my son Isaac today....! I sure do love you son!

Happy trails,


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

In search of warmth....

After a couple days at Marco’s Camp in San Felipe I got my usual itchy feet and moved on….one more morning AA meeting and some nice conversation took me right out of town…..

Another damnable military checkpoint during which Dina is as uncomfortable as she can get….and onto Mex 3,  one of only two roads that cross the peninsula and one I had never driven.

It was stunning and one I really want to come back to and ride on the bike. I had no idea there was country like that on the Baja California peninsula. Think of Texas canyon on I-10 in Arizona….only a lot more of it mixed with beautiful mountains, vast valleys and nicely farmed fields with small groupings of folks living….

One thing I always appreciate in Mexico are roads with wide shoulders level with the pavement. Plenty are not that way at all and most are narrow…however highway number 3 is like that and beautiful, somewhat patched and quite curvy.

After a 130 miles plus I rolled through south Ensenada and onto Highway 1 heading south. Soon one comes to the sign for La Bufadora and the road to Punta Banda.

Kit and I stayed in La Jolla RV park and Campground 11 years ago in our tent so I thought I would try it again…great choice. It was only $9 to camp for the night with hot showers. I wasn’t ready for a shower yet since it is kinda cold…windy and in the low 40’s…..brrr….

I had a great conversation with several guys…boy, pull out the metal detector and it draws guys better than putting your car hood up! I even heard from an old Mexican about two buried treasures! Man, lucky me…maybe we’ll get rich….wonder why he is still poor and driving an old beater truck. And me? I found 26 cents and a one peso piece in about 10 minutes before dark…not really buried treasure but fun…and a lot more sure than the old Mexican dude’s dowsing wire….;^)

Next night I  camped in a nice little rv park/motel in El Rosario for $10 a night and nice hot shower which I did use. Internet in the restaurant and damn good tacos de pescado in there too. I was going to go back to Mama Espinoza’s place for fish tacos but I got lazy and went here.

Just a tip before I forget. Anyone who hasn’t traveled in Mexico and would like a shower head instead of a stream of water…carry your own shower head and use it when needed. Also keep a roll of bum pad handy since some places require you to use your own. Here in El Rosario at the Hotel Sinahi, there is paper but no shower head….actually even though I have my own shower head, I kinda like the one stream effect so I didn’t even use mine today.

This evening I crossed into the state of Baja Sur and am camped at another RV park we camped at before. Eleven years ago we attended a Spanish speaking meeting across the street on the 12th of December and as we left the doorway we all looked up and there was a lunar eclipse...very cool....

Travel well and do good things,

Saturday, December 3, 2011

A note now that I have a tiny bit of perspective...

I love San Felipe! I really do and I love it even more with almost no tourists. Did I just say that?

How selfish of me....the locals pray for tourists and there have been less every year.

I don't want to make this political. So I won't...hard for me not to though. I will just say I know so little of what is going on that I can't really have an opinion. I see a gradual disintegration of tourist facilities as people stay away and I have been including Mexico in my prayers...a lot of the fault lies here but a lot lies in my own home country and for that I share responsibility. If we aren't part of the solution, we are damn sure part of the problem.

I will say that as I walk around and talk to people and go to AA meetings and see the genuine love expressed here, I think with a little more room, (like a rented casita) I could live here for some is just what I imagine when I think of a perfect little Mexican town on a pretty bay with shrimp and fish aplenty and just enough norte americanos to keep me feeling at home....

Be well and do good,

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Catch up post...

Hi all, I am finally in Mexico and ensconced on the beach in San Felipe, Norte Baja. I had plenty of excitement with the old wing/sidecar and decided maybe I would do a bike trip to Mexico later and in warmer weather. I will have to see what develops. I am also scheming on a newer bike and sidecar....someday I have to let go of the idea I need to drive and ride ancient equipment even though I love the old beasties.

I did come in my little Astro Chinook van and while I find it hard to believe...I think Dina is a bit happier and more secure in the van...go figger!

I find some mechanical issues with the van as well and bought a pair of new shoes for it in Yuma....the mechanic who was to align the front end said it was too worn for alignment.

I will replace the parts myself when I return to TorC.

I may rethink how far I go but it sure is good to be here in SF at the moment.

It is overcast and a bit rainy but the good thing is that it moves through fairly fast.

I expect the next few days to be really pretty uneventful although full of fish tacos and lard cookies, but nothing to write about so will slow on the posting for now....

Thanks for reading and I will make an effort to do a more exciting bike trip the next time...

Peace and happiness for the season and new year...


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