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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hahahaha...Stay forever? Nope!

I am back in our little compound in TorC and enjoying full-time internet again although it is kinda chilly here.

I had a GREAT time in Mexico, however anyone who knows me knows that the journey is the THING for me, not the destination and after a week on the beach, I was done beaching and ready to roll.

Had a great drive back home and my Chinookie did a great job of being my home as well as my chariot. So comfy in this current incarnation that I am excited to do some maintenance and upgrading  mechanically to keep it up.

One thing I did was include a small refillable propane tank instead of using the disposables. It works great and since I just bought and included a Buddy propane heater, I will set it up with it's own hose so it too can use the bulk tank.

The buddy heater did a wonderful job of taking the chill off the inside when I needed it and is reachable from the sleeping bag...perfect....

I must say that it was interesting that of the 20 or 30 gringos I met while in Mexico, none were conservatives. That is rather telling isn't it? Seems to me if you are concerned about poor Mexican folks slipping through the border and taking all the scut work jobs in the US, you might think it worthy to go there and spend a little money so some could stay home....maybe I am just simple....but it seems to me if we refuse to go enjoy their beaches and wonderful country and pay them for the things they are so ready to supply or to do, we are just increasing the problem.

Narcotraficantes and bad chappies?....I guess I missed all of them. Once again I only met the same sweet, happy and kind folks I always do in Mexico. I didn't even see any more military or police than I usually do nor were they any more rigorous in their inspections, etc. than usual.

Hmmmm, do you think maybe someone is bullshitting us? I sure do...

Happy Trails,


  1. Glad to read that the excursion was a fun one, and looking forward to seeing you again in AZ next month.

  2. Hey Steve....Good to hear from you....hope your winter is going well.

    I will try to make it over to Q but can't commit really. If I do I will certainly see you....

  3. Welcome home, Bri! glad you enjoyed your trip south. It wouldn't have hurt if you had returned with some of that beach weather!

    I'm totally counting on seeing you in Q!


  4. Totally agree with your take on Mex-US relations. Well said, Brian! Dee

  5. Wow Dee, I totally missed your post and never..until now... published it...I am so sorry and it was pure oversight and nothing more...I love comments and so...thank you. Nice to have someone agree....
    It just seems so completely apparent and clear...I don't why we are so easy to manipulate...


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