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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Upcoming trip...

These days I am checking and re-checking the bike, the sidecar adjustments, the gear, the paper work, Dina and my health and meds, etc.

We are sneaking up on our ready date and I am getting quite antsy....a bad case of "hitch itch" as my neighbor and friend, Sue Soaring Sun says...

I see that the peso is up to 14 to the buck today so I take that as an auspicious note and really should go to Palomas and change some money now when it is this good.

Have watched a few youtube vids of Efrain and Ileana , the young couple who are on a sidecar trip through the Americas to raise funds for educating and feeding and housing street kids in Latin America...
I started playing with the idea of buying a helmet cam to video some of my trip....I'll have to think more on it...

So, lots to do, a camping trip and small Vandweller's meet-up in City of Rocks state park here in New Mexico is coming up the 9th through the 11th of October so I can try my camp set up out.....

More later,

Sunday, September 11, 2011

May the Creator have mercy on our souls.

May we who were sent to war educate those who were not, to the absolute futility and insanity of war.
To realize that the only winners are the corporations who make billions off the blood and tears of their fellows and whose interest is to keep war as a perceived solution to differences that need to be worked out person to person, soul to soul.
May the Creator have mercy on the souls of those who send us to war with profit as their motives.
May the Creator have  mercy on the souls of those innocents who are maimed and killed in these conflicts....those innocents in the countries we wage wars in as well as those in the twin towers and the aircraft used as a weapon by the jihadists.
May the Creator have mercy on all our mislead and desperate souls......


Monday, September 5, 2011

More moto-fiddling...

I have been sitting around a lot due to the hot weather here the last few weeks and recuperating from a small surgical procedure but I seem to at least get one thing done a day toward a smoothly running, dependable sidecar rig to take to Mexico.

The latest fix is a small leak in one fork tube and the addition of Seafoam to a few tanks of gas to try and smooth out the motor a bit....

Seafoam brand engine additive is an expensive type of solvent you can mix with the fuel like you would with Techron or K100 and it cleans the engine from the inside by dissolving deposits of carbon and varnish, cleaning things like the valves, piston tops and maybe most important the carbs....this bike has four carbs....yep, sloppy, old school carburettors and they need to be kept spiffy clean on the inside....

Seafoam can be added to the engine oil and will then help to clean up things like the valve train, rings, crank and bearings, etc. I will do that with the next oil change.

I have been getting some good input from friends who travel Mexico a lot and the latest is that Baja Norte seems to have had a new revival this holiday weekend of tourists visiting and flooding the hotels, bars, restaurants and places of interest. This is so heartening since the narco violence has kept people away for so long and the Mexican economy needs this influx of tourist dollars...It makes it better for everyone including those of us planning trips there.

That's about it...not much to talk about...


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Me and my buddy
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