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Sunday, September 11, 2011

May the Creator have mercy on our souls.

May we who were sent to war educate those who were not, to the absolute futility and insanity of war.
To realize that the only winners are the corporations who make billions off the blood and tears of their fellows and whose interest is to keep war as a perceived solution to differences that need to be worked out person to person, soul to soul.
May the Creator have mercy on the souls of those who send us to war with profit as their motives.
May the Creator have  mercy on the souls of those innocents who are maimed and killed in these conflicts....those innocents in the countries we wage wars in as well as those in the twin towers and the aircraft used as a weapon by the jihadists.
May the Creator have mercy on all our mislead and desperate souls......



  1. Aho !! I agree my brother !! Blessings2U !!

  2. ya-te-hey brother Wolf and the same to you! Travel well through life and be peace...


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