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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Upcoming trip...

These days I am checking and re-checking the bike, the sidecar adjustments, the gear, the paper work, Dina and my health and meds, etc.

We are sneaking up on our ready date and I am getting quite antsy....a bad case of "hitch itch" as my neighbor and friend, Sue Soaring Sun says...

I see that the peso is up to 14 to the buck today so I take that as an auspicious note and really should go to Palomas and change some money now when it is this good.

Have watched a few youtube vids of Efrain and Ileana , the young couple who are on a sidecar trip through the Americas to raise funds for educating and feeding and housing street kids in Latin America...
I started playing with the idea of buying a helmet cam to video some of my trip....I'll have to think more on it...

So, lots to do, a camping trip and small Vandweller's meet-up in City of Rocks state park here in New Mexico is coming up the 9th through the 11th of October so I can try my camp set up out.....

More later,


  1. Wish you could come to the Tumblin` Creek Get Together ! Would like to meet you in person.
    Be safe my brother !!!

  2. Thanks Wolf, I wish I could attend that too....hopefully we will meet one day. Do you have plans of heading west any time?
    I don't go east much any more....

  3. Hi Brian! I love that term..."hitch Itch:... looking forward to meeting you at City of Rocks. I may be there as early as the 5th. Killing time at Desert Trails outside of Tuscan. HOT! New at this, so don't have my routes down pack...but it is the most direct route to City from San Diego, so I am learning to appreciate the beauty and heat of the desert (and the beauty and cool of a hook up air conditioner).

    Tombstone coming up soon!

    Keep in touch at Tumbleweeds and Lemonade!

  4. Hi Robi...I will subscribe to your blog....look forward to meeting you too. Have a safe trip out....we have stayed at Desert Trails a few times and actually stored our van there for a few months once....Do they still play dime Bingo one night a week?

  5. Are you going to City of Rocks?
    Ara & Spirit

  6. Hi Ara....yes I am...I was hoping to meet you. You know tons of folks that I know and I really like your outfit, dog and blog...good work my friend.
    This will be a nice chance to try out my set-up for this upcoming Mexico trip and a good chance to meet a lot of folks I only know from online forums....
    Sorry to see the wreckage of your windblown, that is too bad...we get winds like that here in New Mexico too.
    Good luck on getting it all squared away and letting you fuel cash build up...we'll meet sometime....I know Vonnie and Paul, Doud Crow and Kathleen O. from the Vandwellers site.
    Be well and scratch Spirits ears..
    Bri and Dina....


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