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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Moving along...

As I get closer to the Mexico adventure and go through the gear once again to try and eliminate more, I am wishing I had set my doctors appointments earlier...
Very tough to wait!

The tent and footprint arrived and I  checked it is the same tent that Kit has had for years and is maybe the best all around tent we have ever used....

It is a Timberline 2 from Eureka and has been made since 1973. Easy to use, roomy and free-standing it is a tough little fella and used by the Boy Scouts and the Alaska State Forestry wildland firefighters amongst many other folks that give it hard use. You can stagger into camp in the dark, totally beat and still put it up easily.

Next weekend I am attending a 6 day camp-out that a friend from an online vandwelling group has put is in City of Rocks State Park south of Silver City, NM. Just over the hill from me so I will be able to try out my camp and see how it works for the same time meet some people I only know from online. Very much looking forward to it.

There is a possibility of meeting a guy there whom I have known about for several years. He has done a lot of sidecar miles with his dog and I would love to meet him....we have several mutual friends. He is Ara G. and his dog Spirit who keeps a blog  where you can follow him and see his beautiful photography... .

I added the name of Blue Sky Expeditions to my header and that is what I will call my traveling dog and man show. It is a name that goes back to the early 80's when I started my custom jewelry business, "Blue Sky Enterprises". A very close friend made a gorgeous sign for me and I have it hanging over the garage doors at Rancho Cielo Azul....our home base. We now refer to our marriage as Blue Sky Enterprises and now this expedition is Blue Sky me it means something that started as Blue Sky dreaming and becomes a success and earns the name....

My date for leaving for Mexico is November 1 although it may be a couple days either way.

See you on the road,
Brian Manywheels

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