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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

In search of warmth....

After a couple days at Marco’s Camp in San Felipe I got my usual itchy feet and moved on….one more morning AA meeting and some nice conversation took me right out of town…..

Another damnable military checkpoint during which Dina is as uncomfortable as she can get….and onto Mex 3,  one of only two roads that cross the peninsula and one I had never driven.

It was stunning and one I really want to come back to and ride on the bike. I had no idea there was country like that on the Baja California peninsula. Think of Texas canyon on I-10 in Arizona….only a lot more of it mixed with beautiful mountains, vast valleys and nicely farmed fields with small groupings of folks living….

One thing I always appreciate in Mexico are roads with wide shoulders level with the pavement. Plenty are not that way at all and most are narrow…however highway number 3 is like that and beautiful, somewhat patched and quite curvy.

After a 130 miles plus I rolled through south Ensenada and onto Highway 1 heading south. Soon one comes to the sign for La Bufadora and the road to Punta Banda.

Kit and I stayed in La Jolla RV park and Campground 11 years ago in our tent so I thought I would try it again…great choice. It was only $9 to camp for the night with hot showers. I wasn’t ready for a shower yet since it is kinda cold…windy and in the low 40’s…..brrr….

I had a great conversation with several guys…boy, pull out the metal detector and it draws guys better than putting your car hood up! I even heard from an old Mexican about two buried treasures! Man, lucky me…maybe we’ll get rich….wonder why he is still poor and driving an old beater truck. And me? I found 26 cents and a one peso piece in about 10 minutes before dark…not really buried treasure but fun…and a lot more sure than the old Mexican dude’s dowsing wire….;^)

Next night I  camped in a nice little rv park/motel in El Rosario for $10 a night and nice hot shower which I did use. Internet in the restaurant and damn good tacos de pescado in there too. I was going to go back to Mama Espinoza’s place for fish tacos but I got lazy and went here.

Just a tip before I forget. Anyone who hasn’t traveled in Mexico and would like a shower head instead of a stream of water…carry your own shower head and use it when needed. Also keep a roll of bum pad handy since some places require you to use your own. Here in El Rosario at the Hotel Sinahi, there is paper but no shower head….actually even though I have my own shower head, I kinda like the one stream effect so I didn’t even use mine today.

This evening I crossed into the state of Baja Sur and am camped at another RV park we camped at before. Eleven years ago we attended a Spanish speaking meeting across the street on the 12th of December and as we left the doorway we all looked up and there was a lunar eclipse...very cool....

Travel well and do good things,

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