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Monday, December 12, 2011

Ah, I found my beach!

I am now camped on the north end of Playa El Coyote and I guess I will be here until I head north....I am muy contento right here. As long as my $9 a day holds out I'll be fine.

The local guys come by with everything you could want: agua, eggs, produce, giant clams, bread, pastries, etc....all "almost free" so other than internet, all you need to leave the beach for is to walk over one cove to the El Burro and eat some fish tacos....

I am meeting some of the most amazing and interesting world travellers and adventurers and folks who know the same folks I do, etc. etc.....very cool and very tranquillo...

I think I will stay is said that people come down for a couple days and stay for the entire winter so we'll see if that is true....

Two palapas over the eternal morning fire is kept by an intrepid couple from Joseph, OR and the entire beach crew gathers for coffee and general chatting up each other...very social bunch and very welcoming of anyone who comes along....

I am glad the happy hour is on the south end of the beach though....

Stay well and I will report in whenever I can get up the energy to drive in to the Gecko Bar and cafe for internet access.....



  1. Friendly locals, friendly fellow travelers. May you have many more 9 dollar days of paradise. Wish I was there.

  2. I can hear your contented sigh from here! That means you can probably hear my whine with regard to visuals, from there! The whine might include some envy, too.

  3. Thanks Dragonfly!

    OK,OK,OK Cyndi..... I will more whinery though! No envy either....start making those baja plans and saving the shekels....your new roam-home is the perfect beach cabana for Playa El Coyote....


  4. I knew you would be! I am paying $7 a night when the jefe comes around but have not seen him for the last three nights...then it is free.....
    Solar is pretty handy for here...some folks have a genset.
    I have only cooked something once or twice since the guys come around with everything from pastries, tamales, fresh produce, water, eggs, camarones, you name it....What a heavenly place.

    That said I am heading north due to itchy damn feet and ADD and missing my bride as well as kinda breezy, cloudy weather...unseasonal, they say and I may come back down later.

  5. It was lovely to meet you, Brian! Happy travels! All the best, The Lees

  6. Wow, that's a perfect place for backpackers and beach enthusiasts because it is a gorgeous place, but it's not too expensive. Perhaps you can share to us some of the pictures of your visit to Playa El Coyote so that we can take a look at them.

    Darius Cartmell


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