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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Season's Greetings!

I wish you all a very Happy Christmas and New Year. Thanks for sharing the journey of life  with me, thanks to all of you that have your own blog so I can see how your journey progresses....

What a great year it has been for me and I feel very blessed to have the friends and family I have and to be in good health and have the freedoms I do. The freedom of movement is one I believe is very special. How many people in the world cannot move freely around and go and do what they want to do? Whether it is personal mobility problems, financial difficulties or even the luck of the draw as to where they live.

I am amazed to know that somehow I inhabit this body in the USA and I share that privilege with many of you. I have had some travel this year and when I am in a different country, especially a developing country and see how hard it is for people and that so many of them retain a sense of humor and seem happy with their circumstance, it embarrasses me that so many of my fellow U.S. citizens take the freedoms they enjoy for granted and want to refuse others a shot at that, whether they are able to legally  or illegally come here like so many of our ancestors did.

Somehow they think it is something more than the luck of the draw that they were born here.

Let's appreciate our good fortune this year and be kind and welcoming to those who are just looking for a shot at a decent life....most of those folks don't want any more than a job and a few bucks to send home to their families, believe me, most do not want to be away from their families any more than we do.

If you really feel strong about them not coming here...go there and appreciate them and the beauty in their own country and leave a few bucks there so they don't have to come north....

May the Creator bless us all....everywhere!


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