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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Beautiful weather in Durango...cold at night but oh so clear and sunny during the day...

Great to be hanging with Kitty for a while and just relaxing here in CO. Our little spot here is nice and cozy and warm with gorgeous views of the snow spotted, red cliffs when we go out for a walk....

I will stay here for a few days and then head down to the Rubber Tramp Rondevous near Quartzsite...

A great chance to see some of the folks I have met on the Vandwelling and RV forums I belong to and those I met last year there. Also a number of good workshops and discussion groups covering everything from Ham radio/comm systems to living on public lands....not to mention the great campfire evenings and good conversation and meals together....

Friend Jon is coming over from TorC and we may take a couple days and go camp with and visit friends Sue Soaring Sun and Steve B. in Howling Coyote CG in Why.....

Sounds good and the Quartzsite area is a vibrant sea of humanity doing what snowbirds in RVs do....lots of raw capitalism and bartering and bantering....going to town is like walking into a carnival movie set....

More later,

Happy trails,


  1. Happy 2012, Bri! Glad you're enjoying Kit and Co! Can't wait to see you in Q. I'm leaving in a few hours YIPEEEEE!

  2. Same to you my sister. Yeppers, really looking forward to seeing all my friends from last year and making some new ones....
    Safe travels, Cyndi...

  3. I plan to be there on Saturday. Hope you will still be around,

  4. I think I will be, will be good to see you....

  5. I stayed in Durnago about ten years ago. Really nice poeple as I remember! Have fun at RTR and post lots of picture:)

    The Tuckerbag

    1. Hi Ash, It is a very cool place in beautiful country. Thanks and stzy warm over there in the northeast...
      Wow, there must be 20 people or more here already....I see lots of cameras being snapped so there will be lots of photos around..I will take some too...


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