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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The other end...

Here is a photo of the other end of my inspiration...ick...not so good for my taste but Frenchy is an Arctic guy it looks beans for sure...I still love the box but mine will be smaller and lighter and the bike will stay like it is....


  1. looks like a survival ural with army fairings...

  2. I know it does....totally.....I actually like it a lot....I just think the fairing/hand-guards are kind clunky...but hey, I don't ride in the weather he does...I'll bet he loves being behind them! I really am attracted to the idea of "climb in the sidecar no matter where you park and go to sleep". Just like my van! I like to stop in truck stops and Walmarts for the night...Pemex's in Mexico and it is hard to pull it off on a bike without a cabin....


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Me and my buddy
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