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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Oh cool, I can post..

I have been having trouble posting on my blog as we travel but now it is working so I can tell you we are in the little town of Boquete here in the uplands of Panama after having spent time in Panama City...Casca Viejo or old town, time in Bocas del Toro on the Caribbean coast and now the uplands of the continental divide. I will post some pix when I get home next week.

It has been a great trip, with some good experiences all along.....

Yesterday was pretty special as we rented motor scooters and did some riding around the mountains here. I truly believe there is no better way to experience a country or area than by moto. You can smell the different scents as you pass through them, feel the spray from the waterfall or the change in temperature from the sun to the have to be aware of the surface of the road...all things that heighten ones awareness and experience.

If you ride, I am only preaching to the choir...if you don't ride, I am sorry....I wish you could experience that things I do....

Perhaps a bicycle...that is even more in touch with where you are as you feel the strain of the uphill and exhileration of the downhill....

Enjoy your travels even if they are short...the post office, the store, the dog walk...all so very good.



  1. Welcome back to the internets Bri! Glad to read you're well and having a blast.

    1. Thanks Steve, glad to be here again...yep all is well and we are enjoying ourselves a lot. Will be home next week and more squared away with the internet....


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