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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Along the Natchez Trace...

So now after a very nice week visit with some of my old friends from my Oregon time who have returned to their roots in the North Carolina "mountains" (?) I am officially back on the road...
They have a pretty place to do their lives in and they treat it well. Both artists in their own right and it is always a pleasure to see what they have wrought from natural and salvaged materials...
This time they played a couple of songs and harmonized a bit and it was sweet....

The Trace is an old track 444 miles long, stretching from Natches, Mississippi to Nashville, Tennessee that is more than 200 years old...mostly a sunken mossy ditch now it is an excuse for a beautiful parkway maintained and cared for by the National Park Service. There is ever so much history all along the trace and I don't have the time to do it justice at all....I am starting to itch to be with my friends at home in NM and my garage is calling me....

Unfortunately there have been some bruised and battered egos on my favorite forum online and it has resulted in a few of my favorite personalities leaving the group...I am stepping back for a while as I don't want to add fuel to the fire and will miss those folks...I will catch back up when I arrive in TorC and have a better connection and more time for that...if there is anyone from there reading this...take it easy and know that you are loved and missed...maybe not take it too seriously...

That's about it...I am in a free NPS campground tonight along the Trace....and camping early....


  1. I've been reading, but haven't been able to leave comments 'til now. We miss you!

  2. hey, brian. i hear ya about missing those loved ones. you be safe, you are in my prayers. hugs and pets to dina :-)


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