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Sunday, May 2, 2010

I love my state.....

As poor as my chosen home state of new Mexico is, we have not had to shut down the highway safety rest areas nor our state parks.

Even though we share a border with Mexico, we haven't started profiling Hispanics. For that I am grateful.

Did I mention that I love this state?


  1. Good for you, and New Mexico. That "other" state's laws/views etc. aren't too popular with a lot of people.

  2. Mmmm, yeah, it's a pretty sad business....Too bad they have chosen this route...thanks for reading and commenting, Terria....

  3. I live in that state "next door" and resent the comment about racial profiling. A large portion of my family is Hispanic, I have sponsored a "legal" immigrant from Costa Rica. Some of my Hispanic family members are with a LEA and have been successfully enforcing Federal Immigration law under 287g for three years without a single racial profiling complaint. It is so sad that everyone is jumping on AZ when Calif. passed the same law in 2001 (Sec 834b of the Ca. Penal Code) and so did Missouri in 2007. Not one protest, not one complaint of racial profiling, no boycotts. Why attack AZ for enforcing existing law???

  4. Well "R", being as this is my blog, I stand by my statement and if it causes you a resentment I guess that is your problem. I would encourage you to do your own blog and share as you will. I can then choose to read about your views or not.

    I am quite glad I live in New Mexico where we don't profile...yet. Also we can afford to keep our rest areas open and our state parks open and welcoming to all.

    Did I mention that I love this state.

  5. the best part about your state, brian, is that you live in it!


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