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Friday, June 25, 2010 bunk was the top one and we had NO curtains


  1. My son is under the ocean right now in this type of sleeping arrangement ... looks cozy ;)

  2. Good for him.......I'll bet it is even more cozy than this...He will be in my thoughts and prayers, Heidi.


  3. Are there storage compartments with pad locks
    under each mattress ? If so how is the strength
    provided to the joists holding up the mattress ?

    What is the height of the ceiling where these
    are installed and what kind of vehicle is this ?

    Also, is that a shelf up over the top mattress ?

  4. Hi Scott,
    That is on a naval vessel, and I am not sure which one. The are reminiscent of the racks on my old ship, the USS Worden, DLG18. You would have to find them surplus and probably can. They are extremely solid and well made as they are built to military specs. Yes there is a locker under each mattress. I slept on the top bunk and there was no shelf overhead, just pipes and wiring and very little dang room over you face in each bunk. I don't remember much about the construction or measurements though, sorry, it was in 1964/65...;^)


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