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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Albuquerque.....and the four elders..

Today started out warm and hazy from the wildfire smoke and four of us old duffers decided to head north for the day and look at the BMW motos at the BMW store and hit a couple flea markets and generally raise a little dust!

A smooth drive to Socorro, a good brekkie and off to the big town.

Aha, into town from Isleta along Broadway and we will slip up Central to the fairgrounds and the big Saturday flea Market....good plan....wait, que la chinga? A parade? Uh-oh, detours and lots of traffic around the pink and blue parasols and....holy cripes it's Gay Pride Day and guess what? Through some devious and deft piloting,  our driver, Bri of the Many Wheels, has us firmly in the lead up Central as the first vehicle in the Gay Pride Parade....!
Damn, too bad we are in a faded and dinged up silver 1988 Subaru wagon since we are pulling off some excellent waves and smiles at our audience of people three or four deep along both sides of Central....

Home now and happy I was able to find some bee pollen at the flea for my allergies and we will check tomorrows paper for photos of us....

Old guys rule!
Brian ManyWheels


  1. Smooth move, Bri! Hey! One can never have too much support, right?

    Thanks for the laugh! I hope you didn't get pageant elbow waving at the crowds!

    Cyndi & Stumpy @ RVly Ever After

  2. Wow, what a day! Pretty intense....lotsa weird looks at four old phartz in a pos car leading a parade....
    Yep, I have done smoother things....
    Good yuksthough....

  3. omg, i haven't laughed this hard in a long time. you absolutely made my day! love ya!

  4. Howdy Brian! been wondering if the smoke from our Az fires has been messin ya up?? hopin not! now and then I get hazzed in here, but overall it's not too bad :) will be glad when they are over!

  5. Hiya Katie...glad to make you was a fun day. Also good to see a presence from must be busy.....haven't seen much of you lately.

    Hi Steve, also good to hear from you...I was wondering if you were or are affected by the fire. Kit is now working in Durango and they have been busty sending resources your way...

    We have been getting some smoke and some days are worse than others but other days not very bad at all...

    Stay well and happy........


  6. Whoops...that would be "busy" not "busty"...

  7. Oh man that was pure WIN! Btw, what's the make and model of scooter with the pup in basket picture?


  8. Hi Steve, good to see you here....thanks for looking.
    The tiddler is a 1981 Honda CT110. The old toilet seat Honda trail bike. I love mine and ride it more than my sidecar rig...since I ride it every day here in Truth or Consequences....


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