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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Back to our northern base camp....

OK, so I gave up...go ahead, spank me.

I hit my wall while camped in a nice little USFS campground on the east side of Hayden Lake just north of Couer D'Alene ID.

When I pulled in it was hot, humid and thousands of flies and skeeters, but a guy can take that for a while. I spent the afternoon in the shade, reading and brushing away flies.

Along comes the RV from Hell and pulled in two spaces over, idled his diesel engine for about a half hour, switched it off eventually and then fires up his generator. I never saw the owners but a couple teenage kids went outside, played catch for a while and then had a big fight while screaming at the top of their lungs. Time to get the earplugs out.

Well about the time the bozo shut his genset off...11:00 PM....I heard the rain start and I had to jump up and throw the tarp over Dina and the rig...I was in my Hennessey hammock and had the rain fly up for that, already.

When I woke up in the AM it was still raining, the sky was totally socked in and I realized that I was in for another 5 days of this kind of existence...rain and cold alternating with hot, humid buggy campgrounds with idiots in RVs and who was to say it wouldn't rain all through the rally I was waiting for.

I must say that it was a bottom for me. It took me back to the main reason I moved from Alaska...this was standard for summer bike touring there. Maybe if it hadn't came after nearly a month and a half of the same-o, same-o rain and funky weather.

I packed up the gear, hopped on the bike and even though I had paid for another night, I sped south.

No regrets today as I sit at my netbook in Durango having made it here for Kit and my 27th wedding anniversary yesterday.

So there you have it. No more trips to the Pacific Northwet on the moto.

More later when I have some perspective on it all. I will be here about a week and then be back to my main computer where I can download some photos and put them on the blog.

Hugs to all,



  1. Wow, Bri... sounds a little like what I get... but the bugs have finally settled down... wish I could say the same for some of the human animals. And it has rained each evening since July 4. I have taken most of my stuff to town and may even take more if this keeps up. I have a First Up Canopy screen room and a small pup tent that I use to get away from the flies, work, rest, etc. The mountains are wonderful and the wildlife is great, just wish the humans would stay away (but then my company would not like that much). Take care. If you get up Rifle way, check in with me and I'll give you directions.

  2. Whoops, sorry Charlene...I forgot to answer you ....
    Yeah, amazing how much rain some ares are getting while much of the country is suffering drought...definitly changing.

    Nice to hear from you Chharlene and to know you are well and keeping dry.

    What are you thinking about doing that job again next year?

    As much as I like to BS with people, I don't think I am a good candidate for something like that...I am too OCD and concerned about what other people do...I would be giving everyone a bunch of crap...hey do you really need to run that damn generator til 11? How about I smack you in your stupid head? You know, like that. Not good for being a host...LOL
    Hope to see you this next RTR...


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