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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Oh Boy!

Now that is what I call, a sweet ride! I had to go back to the DMV to straighten out a glitch in the registration but since I already had the plates, I rode the Alp down to Hatch and back...a 75 mile ride on State Hwy. 187, the old hwy, a nice two laner through chile, cotton and pecan growing areas....

I have to say I am absolutely thrilled with this bike. It just wants to be ridden and the rider quickly becomes a part of the bike.

My Alp has a Supertrapp exhaust that sounds just like a moto a trumpet! I had a hard time keeping it down to speed limit or just wanted to rip.

I knew all this was true but it was quite a while ago in 1994 I last rode friend's first as I mentioned. It made an impression though and I am really amazed that riders didn't demand the Honda USA bring these in again.

Anyway, just a report of my first ride on Alpenglow and I can hardly wait to head out again....



  1. Keepthe floss and toothpicks handy! I KNOW you're riding with a big ol' grin and there will be bugs in the teeth! Yeeeeee ha!!

  2. Hahaha...ptuu, ptuu....yep I got a mouthfull...


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