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Sunday, December 27, 2009's been a while....

Hi all, I have been caught up in being at our home in NM and enjoying my friends here. I get so much from our conversations, playing with machinery, eating good food and enjoying fellowship.

The holidays are nearly past now and I get to see my wife for a week very soon. I am missing her a lot. This lifestyle is working out pretty well but is hard to get used to.

I have the Chinooky prepared for another trip with a rack on the back for my Honda trail bike and the bike is prepared for some good desert time. I have made some adjustments on the interior of the van, eliminated a few things and added a few things for experimenting. I recently made a small, portable fire pan so I can have a campfire when otherwise it would be illegal. I will see if I use it enough to carry it.

I like my 12Volt Burton stove and will have that along to make dinner while driving! Kit bought me a USB connected GPS so I won't get lost like I did in Pennsylvania last summer. I must say it is a lot harder to get lost out west where you can see for miles instead of being enclosed by trees. Some of my VanDweller and VanTramp friends are using GPS waypoints or whatever they are called to let each other know where they are camped so it should prove good for finding them when needed.

My friend Jon B. and I will head west around the middle of January for some desert riding, camping and hopefully meeting up with some of my internet friends. Jon has a Dodge Caravan conversion van and a Honda trail bike on the back of that as well.

I hope to head north in march or April in the Chinooky to see Kit again and spend a bit of time in Missoula with her. Then perhaps a summer of sidecaring, spending time with my sons and grandkids and catching a few Washington state and British Columbia sidecar rallies, also a real estate hunt for a campsite in WA.

Kit and I do plan to be at the AA International Convention in San Antonio the first week in July as well. This will be our fifth.

Other than that, I am feeling good, am in good general health and am in the monitoring mode on existing health problems. "I am in pretty good shape for the shape I am in"

I am ending the present year and starting the new one with a great deal of gratitude for my very blessed life. I love having you all in my life and send prayers and thoughts for your well-being and abundance as you celebrate each moment of your lives.

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