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Sunday, January 17, 2010

January 2010

A nice piece of news is that Kit has had a great article published in the February issue of Rider magazine. It is called "Idaho's Top Ten...reasons to ride your motorcycle and sing, that is."

It is available at Barnes and Noble and Hastings, etc. any stores with an intensive magazine selection if you are interested.

Here in TorC, I am getting ready to head out on a southwest van-camp for a spell. I will leave around early February. I am taking my little Honda CT110 along to do some desert riding and so I can get to town and leave the van parked in camp. Dina has mastered riding in the double size milk crate on the bike so I can ride in traffic when needed. Otherwise she runs circles around me as I ride it in the dirt.

I am in pretty good health but always look forward to a reduction in altitude for my breathing issues....

Til later,


  1. bri-
    that is a great article, please tell kit how much i enjoyed it! and dina dog is so styling in that sidecar! do ya have to strap her in?

  2. Cool, I will tell her...No, I don't strap Dina in unless I am going to leave her in it when I go into a restaurant or something...just so she doesn't get scared and run off and hide.

  3. Looking forward to a good read!

  4. I am going to have to check that out as well! Very cool to hear! Better be careful Bri, before you know it, Dina will be wanting to drive!



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