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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Onward....and toward Jah....

After leaving the group at Wayne's camp in Pahrump, I visited Death Valley briefly again, then Organ Pipe Cactus Monument and had a camp in Coyote Howls Campground in Why, AZ where a couple of traveling monks live...Steve and Carny Buzz are two very dear friends of mine that I have met along the road and they camp in C.H. C.G. every winter. Neither would like to be called monks but that is how I think of them. Very active participants in their own lives and a pleasure to learn from.

So then to Tucson...

I had a visit with Kit there where she was teaching a dispatch class. We had a great time visiting old missions and re-connecting with each other. I also took a visit to the Pima Air Museum which was very rewarding, especially listening to an old WW II pilot's tales as he reminisced to me.... they were a tough breed...those who came before us.

I headed home to TorC to attend Leroy S.' s funeral. He was a very dear, old friend of mine and a wonderful example of humility in action. I spent some time with the various members of his family and friends that knew him and shared stories of his life...very healing.

I was able to attend to some vehicle upgrades and maintenance as well as yard maintenance at Rancho Cielo Azul...our TorC base camp. Also took care of some doctor stuff and got another 6 month reprieve from worry. I was told I'll see 80 by the PA there...yikes...that is not a little scary!!!

Now I am back in the Vandweller fold at Wayne's camp. Wow, these folks are so awesome! Love in harmony as we live our separate but similar lives and share new tricks, treats and experience....the ego level is pretty low fact so low that my ego has nothing to react to.. ;^) I love really is something that cannot be planned or philosophized about but has to be the moment...just like life..;^) I will wait a bit and enjoy the days and see if my friend Jon will make it over from TorC and if not, will leave in a few days to continue the trip north...I have been kind of caught in the southwest vortex....

I think if I did not have family up north and want to see them quite badly, I would stay in the southwest regardless of the heat of summer...I do love the desert.... the heat in TorC is really not that bad....

Latcho Drom,

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