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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Time to head south.....

It is getting smokey here in Missoula from some wildfires nearby and in Idaho and Kit is working more and more overtime, so I will go ahead and head south for the winter...

This trip I will leave the CT110 here and haul the trailer with my sidecar rig down to New Mexico so I will have it to ride this winter. Looking forward to that.

I was able to get a great deal on a couple of barely used T-105 Trojan golf cart batteries and I installed them in the Chinookie so I will be able to power my portable oxygen concentrator (POC) the nights I am at altitude and out of range of an electric string or any current bushes..;^) They will give me 225AH of 12 volt current.

I made a tidy job of it by using a plastic bin between the front seats of the van and bringing the wiring up through the floor. Also drilled a couple of vent holes through the floor as the batteries are flooded lead acid type. I used a female marine quality cigar plug with a pigtail and alligator clamps for connecting my POC....I may hard wire it later. I made a wood top for the bin and mounted a cup holder, etc. on it. I left an open area with all weather carpet on it too. It looks nice...and works well.

I will probably snag the 50W solar panel and controller off the bus before I leave and take it to NM too. I will install it with the other 45W panel and that will help until I can afford the BIG GUN solar panel. Mostly I will rely on the Astro alternator to keep up the batteries and see how that works...I may be in the running for a higher output alternator though.

Now we prepare for the trip to, that is so cool!

We leave on September 30th for two weeks. I am so pumped.....Africa has been a dream of mine for my entire life...although in the olden days I thought it might be on a motorbike. Now the thought of Africa on a motorbike just makes me tired...;^) This will be so much easier....I guess this is what it feels like to be an old guy...hmmm, weird.

Peace in your journey through life....



  1. Congrats on getting your batteries in Bri! Pics would be fun to see. Hey, Africa? Really? I am finding myself quite jealous at the moment! That is something I always thought would be amazing to see. I know you will have a great time over there! Can't wait to read the blog about that!

    97 RT 170P "Taj Ma Trek"

  2. Hi Mike,
    Thanks...I am stoked with the batteries....I just pulled my other solar panel from the bus and installed it with the other one on the ' me 100 W + or - of solar power. I was pleased that when I pulled my solar controller from the bus I realized it was good for 16amps....It will take all I can afford to give it. ;^) I need to finish up a couple of tag ends on the panel mount and it is raining today so will do it manana. breathe again!

    Heck Mike if you run out of air when we are camped somewhere I'll give ya some...

    I know I should take and post photos but I am pretty lazy about that.

    Yeppers, Africa is pretty much a lifetime dream for both of us. We feel pretty blessed to be able to pull it off although there goes our PNW parking spot stash.;^)

    Take care....looking forward to a meet this winter...

  3. Hi Bri,

    Good to catch up with what you've been up to. Perhaps by now you are back home? Africa sounds exciting and coming up soon. I still plan a trip this winter and hope to connect, perhaps in late Dec. or early Jan. Thinking of leaving at Thanksgiving.

  4. Hi Gary..Is this Gary C. my old messmate? If so very cool, if not howdy, sorry I can't place you. I plan to be in Quartzsite for the RubberTramp Rondy the last half of Jan. Feels good to be at the ol' homebase.

    Hope to see you this winter....


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