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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Oh, New Mexico, how I love you.....

So I made it safely home to good ol' Truth or Consequences....."We're all here because we aren't all there".....what a crazy little place...but so serene and healing.

I got home to waist high weeds in much of the yard and have gotten them pretty well knocked down now and Dina is getting some great exercise on her old haunts.

I think the main thing I am happy about is having a family of friends here that are so welcoming...well, that and the food....;^)

I recently got a email and a call from some very dear old friends from a distant past and I am very happy about that and hopefully Gary, a Navy messmate when we were both stationed at Whidbey NAS in 1963 and a longtime friend, will be meeting me in his van somewhere down here in the southwestern wilds for some good adventures this winter.....maybe he will be interested in making the RubberTramp Rendezvous in Quartzite late January with my vandweller buddies.

Anyway, I am back with my men's meditation group and that will be really helpful to of our guys is going up to Window Rock to live in a hogan for the winter and I would like a chance to go visit him. He is the native brother that put together a sweat ceremony in Window Rock for our meditation group.

Life is good in this moment and I wish you all a great moment as well...



  1. Thanks does feel good. I hope you two will make TorC a part of your journey. I think you will like it too....

  2. Hey Bri. Good to hear you are back home and happy. Sounds like lots of good feelings. Gary

  3. Thanks Gary.....good to know that you are enjoying the company of your new friend...;^)
    Have fun....



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