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Sunday, December 26, 2010

The End of Poverty?

Please watch this documentary. Let your heart tell you how important it is.

The more I awaken, the more sure I become that capitalism and the imperialism that results from it, is destroying life in much of the world so a few in the north can live at our obscene level of luxury.

I try to stay away from these types of posts in my blog but sometimes it is just so damn painful to see what is happening as a result of what we are so completely invested in that I can't help but speak out....there is so much information out there and my own travels have shown me so much that it is just not something I am able to continue to not say something about....

This film is one of many that are made by folks very concerned about what is happening.

Watch it and again I say, let your heart tell you of it's importance....

Is this why we are here on the planet?



  1. Where's the link to the documentary?

  2. Sorry Michael, I rented it from Netflix. I don't know if it is available to download....


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