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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Almost the end of the world as we know it.....

Ah, good title....less than two weeks before there is a consciousness shift from material to spiritual. Or something else. I find much to rejoice over today, whatever will or won't happen and I hope I am ready for whatever comes along....

I reflect on the Y2K millennium change.   Kit and I were halfway through an excellent Baja tent camping journey in our little "Jenny Burrita" Suzuki Samurai....

We had been hearing at every AA meeting we went to all down the peninsula about the big New Years Eve pig roast and gratitude celebration near Todos Santos and to be sure not to miss it.

We were there as invited and camped on a hill overlooking the beach at Los Cerritos, a little south of Todos Santos. On New Years eve people started showing up and soon there were 30 or 40 folks all camped around a very accommodating woman's large palapa and the food started covering the tables and when the pig showed up all roasted and crispy from hours in the local baker's oven we had a mother of all feasts. Kit made her excellent guacamole and everyone brought their signature favorite dishes...yeow! It was awesome! 

Afterward we had a touching and heartfelt meeting with gratitude as the topic and  never have I felt more pleased to be with a group of people in my life....and we all sat and welcomed in the new Millenium.....what a way to welcome it!

I do think we are in the throes of big change as a species and we are beginning to see all across the board that systems that dismiss any of our fellow men and women in any way, are not sustainable, ethical or worth saving.

While we are realizing it and while the change is gaining momentum, it is and will get more and more uncomfortable and as with anything that is worth embracing, there is always the chaos before the settling out at a higher and more valuable level.

I like to think that while it very well may be the end of something, it is also the beginning of something much more sane and kind to our Mother Earth, all our relations and the paradise we are charged with tending.

So, I am tightening up the base camp and getting the rig ready for my winter journeying where I will not only meet with some of my actual family but also with my chosen family of vandwellers for a celebration of life and love.

My sons were both born this month and I am fond of it because of that and of course there is the solstice and the welcoming of the peaceful, inward time of year.

I had a great chat with my son Isaac last night and he and I talked a bit about the season and what he sees in the kids in his charge as well as his own children. I don't think there is a better group of people than children that signal what is going on with and around us....

Peace to you all this time of year and I hope you will join with me to welcome a new age of light and enlightenment and shrug off the insanity of a system of commodification that oppresses rather than enables people.

In Love,



  1. I couldn't have said it better:). My birthday is December 20th, so no matter what, I am right at the galactic center and will most probably be in the energy of "whatever". So looking forward to it!
    Hope to see you at Quartzite this year.

  2. Very up beat actually. And I do agree. I think more and more of the 1% will see that having more is not the thing to do. More will act on a smaller scale as the Bufett's and Gates' are doing on a big scale. There will be less objection to increased taxes. There will be more caring for folks. Which in turn motivates the folks who are on hard times to be more productive, although by "productive", I do not necessarily mean creating monetary wealth.

    Good luck on your travels. I am in Yuma for at least a week or two.

  3. Hi Susan, thanks for the comment...nice to hear from you....Happy Birthday a bit in advance! Yep, see you in the Q! Stay well and happy and enjoy peace....

    Hi Mike...if you run into a guy by the name of BocaRoy, say hi for me...his RV cratered and I think he picked up a older LazyDaze "C"for his home. He spends a lot of time in TorC....

    I am maybe "whistling in the dark" a little but I have four grand kids and I like to think they will inherit a world worthy of living in. My prayers are for an awakening on a grand scale....
    Peace and thanks for commenting...I love to hear from my readers/friends....

  4. On your journey to the RTR I presume!???? Hooray (if that's where you're going) and Hooray if you're going somewhere else! haha We would love to see you again and chit chat about everything! Didn't get too much time over the Summer! Safe travels and stay warm, send our love to Dina and Kit! Love ya

  5. Hi to you all and thanks for commenting....I was just visiting with a few of the RTR'rs this afternoon but am camped closer to Q with a friend for these last few days...I think I am heading out tomorrow for Death Valley and then up to San Jose to spend Christmas with family.

    I plan to be back in Q for the RTR tho...maybe see you there????
    Hang on to your hats with this raise in consciousness and see you in the New Age!

  6. Good to read you. I'm always working on turning down the noise in my head so that maybe I'll hear the changes.

    1. Hi GLD,,,,Thanks and I wish it was all as easy to do as it is to write about it....but I always have to remember, progress, not a mantra...
      Be well....


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