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Sunday, February 17, 2013


Latest is the greatest....! I finally found a good used juicer I could afford and bought what a treat to have something I don't have to clean three or four times before I get a vaso of the good stuff.

I found an Omega 4000. The one with a plastic to be gentle....and all stainless innards...

I also just assembled a 5 gallon plastic bucket "balcony composter" and can use my waste organic material in a good way now.

I seem to be staying home more these days, enjoying it a lot and thinking about maybe doing a few things like start building some gardening soil, etc.

I don't think things will implode but I think things including the climate will continue changing and in some fairly radical ways and it can't hurt to develop the property to be a more sustainable place for our future.

That's what I am up to these days as well as helping Kit move to Silver City and her new post there as manager of the USFS dispatch Center there.....

We are happy to be only 2 hours apart rather than the 6 hours it has is much better and the ride over Emory Pass is awesome.




  1. That looks like a super juicer! I have been composting for a long time, it really is rewarding by giving up some good stuff for the soil.

  2. Thanks Sondra....The best thing about the juicer is that it only cost me $85! Yay!

    Composting is great and I have done it various times over the years, depending on where we lived...we actually had a composting toilet in Alaska for a while...a Sun-Mar non-electric...made it into an electric and it still sucked...way too cold there for one to work right...what a nightmare that was...

    I haven't been lately now that Kit is working in another town and I don't have a lot of waste to compost but I think this little 5 gallon one will work perfect for that....


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