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Monday, February 11, 2013

Latest van makeover...

I will get some pix taken soon and put them up but I finally finished the latest van makeover and like it a lot.

My goals were to take out all bulk propane, make the passenger seat swivel, lighten up on stuff and build a way that I can expand the bed so Kit can occasionally travel with me in the van.

It all came together and is more open and spare and safer as I don't expect any more fires due to the propane. I had two fires on the last trip and they were extremely disconcerting....this was with many precautions and checks for leaks....I actually think I will try to do most of my cooking outside the van unless I am in bad weather.

I am not recommending anyone else do this regarding propane but it makes me feel much better.

So until I take some photos....



  1. Hey Bri, I too have decided to do some mods. to my van. Good luck and safe travels!...joey

  2. Well keep us posted on what you do....I'm interested....
    Travel well yourself Joey....

  3. Late comment....

    I hate propane its super scary. Under pressure, -15 degrees farenhit under pressure. Hate it. Have you ever considered an Origo Alcohol stove? They are popular with boaters pressure, no boom. No boom on water be a good thing. Being a largely marine product they are however, pricey. An Origo Heat Pal can double as a stove and puts out 5200 BTU, not bad. Fuel can be found in any hardware store (denatured alcohol), though buying in bulk online gets the price down to near propane levels.|406|1066337|1066189&id=48897

    Just an idea from a wannabe vandweller. Your Astrovan Chinook is killer.

  4. Hi Dr. Dave...thanks for the input and thoughts. Funny story is that I recently bought a used Heat Pal alcohol heater! I also bought the little butane canister stove that many of my friends have....I buy the canisters at an Asian grocery store in Albuquerque for really reasonable about $1.25 per can. It seems pretty safe if used as indicated. I, like you, am finished with pressurized bulk propane in a vehicle....I know it has been used safely by millions of people in rvs forever but I have also seen the results of rv fires and have seen a few explosions in Mexico caused by LPG systems....


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