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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Yeeees! New bike for the old guy!

As usual, not much time goes by before Mr. ManyWheels adds some more wheels to the rancho fleet.

This time it is a close friend's 1990 Honda XL600V Transalp....a bike I have wanted for many years, about 16 or so.

To add to the joy is that the top box I made for Kit's R65GS and our trip through the Americas that ended with a bad crash on the Dalton Highway comes with it. This box was traded to the guy I am buying the bike from and it now comes beans...the only example from my aluminum TIG welding projects that I will have.

These bikes were only brought into the US for two years, '89 and '90. A real shame since the bike was made until 2007 and went from 600cc to 650cc and ended with the 700cc version. Extremely popular throughout the world and coveted by us in the USA.

It's big brother, the 750cc Africa Twin never even made it here at all and is even more coveted.

I think I will leave this a solo bike for a while and eventually add an enduro style sidecar with no mods to the bike so it can be ridden solo or as a tug.

I am excited and honored to be the fourth sober AA guy to own this particular moto....kinda cool.

Stay tuned. I won't go get it for awhile since it means a drive with the trailer to Terlingua, TX where it rests in a shed, waiting for me to liberate it from....TEXAS!

I'm coming! Don't despair...there IS life after TEXAS!

This is a shot of a similar bike, same year, different color.



  1. Ohhhh! I like! Brian, if that ever feels like too much bike, I'll be next in line. Drool.

  2. Drool! If that ever feels like too much bike for you, I'd be glad to line up to be its next owner!

  3. Yeppers, pretty sweet. As Doug always sez....I'll put your name on it in the They are sure sweet, huh?
    You can always take it for a spin if I am there or you are here....
    Love you son,


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