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Thursday, January 10, 2013

At the Infamous Third Winter Rubbertramp Rondezvous

I arrived on the 8th and found a lot of my good friends and many others already ensconced in their chosen spots in the area Bob chose for the event....My spot being next to Jerry and Nelda and their Roadtrek right near the main fire pit.

Great group so far with many first timers...some new to the mobile life, some not so new.

There have been a few group meetings and twice daily group dog walks with the dozen or so dogs in the group so far.

This morning there was a seminar on the hows and whys of choosing a home state/address/maildrop, drivers license, vehicle registration, etc. and quite a few showed up for it....looks like something is planned daily with a few group dinners and breakfasts planned as well.

I have already found some of my spiritual fellows here and we have had some nice chats and sharing.

The rigs are phenomenal and I have fallen in rig-lust for one for sure, and two other possibilities. As I think I mentioned it is time to enlarge my space and since I find I am not interested in ranging so far now, I do want it to be big enough to stand up and move around in and be able to pursue some hobbies in and to have Kit join me in some travels in it...

The Mobile Traveler still calls me as always, I see that a Roadtrek 2100 would be nice and then there is the extended full size high roofed cargo van route such as my friend Cheri has...and do the build myself...and the last  is prolly the best idea.

I will have to put the request for something out there and see what the universe has in is always better than I can invent myself....

More later though,,,

Happy trails,


  1. Missing you and my RTR family somethng fierce! I'm waiting (yet, again) for an RV fixit guy to show. Don't worry, I am not holding my breath.

    Sure hope you don't split before I arrive!

  2. No Way will I split before you get here my friend! I am looking forward to some nice chats and coffee with you. AND I am bummed out you are having the troubles you are...damnation!
    You are in my prayers for some sweet roads ahead so hang will be better....


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