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Sunday, January 6, 2013


I landed in Yuma a couple days ago and my friend Roy (living these daze in his new to him 1989 LazyDaze class C)  is showing me the ropes here....I nice WallyWorld parking lot for the nights and an amazing Kroger store with a bakery/cafe with easy chairs and good wifi with lots of outlets for computer stuff and tv watching. Did I mention it is a bakery???? Well not only that but an actual food court...hehehe....

Lots of good conversation and taking care of business and maintenance. Today a shower at the Flying J, a great steak and egg breakfast at a good local restaurant. And that is only so is 11 AM.

Last night he took me to a very good little meeting at the Foothills Alano clubhouse....a wonderful campfire  meeting with several oldies and a few newcomers...nice!

So about Tuesday or Wednesday I (we) are off to the Q for the RTR....I think Roy may go, but not sure...he has been invited.

Really looking forward to visiting with many old friends and making some new friends...yay!!!!.... life is good indeed...

Blessings from the southern frontier where it is low 40's at night and mid 70's in the sun....ohya, ohya...



  1. Can't wait to see you, Bri! Please bring some warm weather!

  2. Take care Bri and enjoy that warm weather. Cyndi is right, take it on to the RTR.

  3. and I think the weaqther is cooling in the next few days...CRAP...that didn't work so good....


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