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Sunday, January 20, 2013

New stuff....

Home in TorC I love it here! It has really gotten my attention since I never thought I would find a place that would hold me like this little town in this redneck state does. I thought I would always be restless and have itchy feet and I guess I still do to a degree, but it is often just to take a little break from daily life.

I found on this last trip that my van felt small to me and I thought I might like more room. Hard to get that without the negative of worse mpg.

Well, instead of making too fast a move, I am redoing the little Chinookie with the idea in mind that I am really only taking short trips in it and I have been packing for expeditions! So? Cramped space with way too much crap I don't use...

I have sung this song many times before. Never have I been able to cut down enough on what I think I need to have along on any trip...

I have been inspired many times by folks who travel with almost nothing and do it well.

So...the van is emptied out, a swivel added to the passenger seat, batteries re-arranged and stowed under the bed...I went back to one large 12v deep cycle and took out the two T-105 6v batteries...I don't really need so much power storage. It is a bit lighter and takes up less room.

I have taken out a bunch of stuff that I don't ever use including some tools and compressor, etc. trinkets, and redundant stuff...extra TP, extra paper towels, etc.

Next the propane system came out, back to the one pounders for the Buddy heater and a new small butane stove like several of my vandweller friends use and like.

The big puzzle will be how to build a bed that is a single bunk while I am alone in the rig and a double size when Kit is with me...a puzzle but it can be solved....

More later,
Happy trails and peace.



  1. Hi Brian,

    I know you aren't interested in my reclining couch/bed, but I came across another idea this last week. I've seen several of those folded cushion chairs that open up lengthwise into a bed and they come in several widths including 48-inches, which would fit nice between the wheel wells. For sitting, you could put it either against the back doors or behind the front seats facing the rear, and have a nice comfortable love seat for two. Then just flip it out for bedtime to a 3/4-size bed. The cushions are at least 6-inches thick on all the ones I have seen, so it should be pretty comfortable.

    Or if that is too wide, consider a TailVeil(dotcom) rear tent, which would give you standing room, space for a table and chairs and even an extra bedroom if you need it. Don't worry about the fact that they are made for liftgates. All you need is a 2 x 4 or pipe with an "L" bracket on each end to hook over your open rear doors, and that will support it just fine. Besides the nice screen room, they also have a rain fly to go over it for privacy (and obviously, rain). You can buy an inflatable platform style bed for under $30 at Walmart to use as the extra bed, and store it in the bag when you don't need it. The TailVeil doesn't have any poles to mess with. You just throw it over the open doors and spread it out, so it's real easy to set up and take down in a hurry.

    I agree with you that two six volt batteries in a van that small is probably overkill, unless you have something that uses a LOT of power. One good battery with a 180 watt solar panel should support anything you need. Only time will tell a person what other stuff they need, and as you indicated... it's that time.

    Best wishes and safe travels.

    John at

  2. Hi John, thanks for the good ideas and an addie for your blog and business. I am pleased to have it, and will get your ebook. I like the idea of the tailveil may be the answer I am looking for regards to and additional space....I like the privacy for the "bucket loo" too...haha.
    Pleased to have you with me...and your site and ideas are excellent....YES on the minivan travel.....

    I had the extra power to run my oxygen concentrator which I actually find I don't need if I stay to lower elevations...suits me!

  3. Sure are missing you in Q! I'm not surprised to read you're going to try to work with the chinnookie. Such a sweet vehicle!

    I'm looking forward to exploring TorC! No plan yet to head eastward, but I'll keep you posted!

  4. Hi Cyndi...I am soooo sorry I missed you there but will love to have you discover my little town. Hope you are enjoying the RTR bigtime...I heard form Katie that it is pretty fun.

    See you whenever...


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