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Friday, July 24, 2009

Puerto Angeles...

What a great couple of days it has been....actually meeting Gary, Heidi and Mike, Vandweller folks from our Yahoo Forum. We sat, chatted, broke bread, picked cherries..or some did...and twisted a wrench or two....

Gary the boatbuilder and raconteur supreme-o has been so very kind, friendly and entertaining.

Heidi and Mike And Mike's dad, Bill have been the best ever hosts to this wandering bozo! Sharing their home, shop and especially kitchen to Gary and I.

Bocephus and Tiberius I will not tell about as they are actually stuffed, although have some interesting powers...Sadie the dog was very gracious to Dina as well, sharing her yard and water.

I now have several friends in Puerto Angeles that I hope to have for many years....

Yay God!

Many Wheels


  1. oh, i am so happy that you finally got to meet them. i am homesick for the west coast. can't wait to meet you and gary....not so anxious to meet the monkeys, i must say!

  2. Well Kate, you are missed by them in a big way...Bill included and we both are looking forward to meeting you!
    Wish you were here....

  3. Heidi, Dad, Sadie and I really loved having you and Dina out at the house! (and Gary) You will always be a part of our family, just as Katie is! You will really have a blast when you meet Katie and Mutt, they are so much fun and sweet beyond measure!

    I can't leave out the monkeys either, they really liked meeting Chunky Monkey too! They have been planning for quite some time what they get to inflict on Katie next time they see her LOL!

    Safe travels friend!


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