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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The wet side....

Last night in Anacortes' Washington Municipal Park....a nice wooded park with coin showers right on the coast for $17 a night. Steep for my budget but the first shower in 3 days and nights and I needed it.

I have a ferry reservation to Port Townsend from Keystone at 6 this eve. Then on to Port Angeles manana to try and meet with some Vandweller friends and Don from TorC, NM.
Having trouble getting hold of son Jed and will keep trying.

I am amazed at how the people over here recreate. They think nothing of shoulder to shoulder campsites and noise and people everywhere like ants....amazing to me. I am way too used to the bliss of empty landscapes and camping where I never see anyone else....I think this is the future though as the population increases certainly is in any place I have been outside this country except for Canada. Strange what we do to ourselves.

I guess the thing that amazes me is how people pack into places where they can use their power toys no matter the cost but leave the thousands of USFS and BLM campgrounds nearly empty. I always wonder when the various agencies will see the lack of use of the campgrounds and close them down.

Anyway...I am grateful to be awake and present in this body today and to have the use of all my senses....
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  1. okay, so this is a weird thought. i was struck by the word "recreate". people go on vacation or whatever to take a break from their "normal" lives....and it is called "rec-reate" (as in recreation). but i like to think of it as "re-create" as in re- create your life.

    are ya with me so far?

    anyhow, do you see how so many people kinda do the same old thing, as you mentioned....cram themselves into rv parks with all their toys and bells and whistles and rush from one activity to another? same rat race, different stage. my friends go on vacation and come home exhausted, never having taken a moment to savor....well, the moment :-)

    hope that made sense!

  2. I have to wonder about some folks after this past weekend in a national forest campground.. it was so nice and peaceful here last week, but come the weekend... Quads running at 6am, Car alarms going off, Gunshots echoing around the area, Steroes cranked up.. I guess folks have a very different idea of outdoor appreciation than I do! meeting a friend up here next weekend or I would be out in the boonies again :) I like my quiet.. only 5 people camping here now..probably were 100+ on saturday night..

  3. Kate and Nemo...I hear you both...I have an entirely different view of nature than many...I was raised that way, Boy Scouts, an older brother who rock and mountain climbed and backpacked. In fact I see nature as my church, if you will. I just walked out to Cape Flattery on the tip of the Olympic peninsula yesterday. It is only a 3/4 mile trail but it seems that when there is some effort to get there, it acts as a filter for those with little or no respect for nature. It was stunning!
    I would love to camp with either/both of you...we seem to have the same ideas....
    Be well,


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