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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Northeast section...

So, after Canada I was able to spend several days with Jon and Vicki, my friends in Ithaca and stayed out in Jon's camp in the hills. I had a great time and that included a day at the Sunday Farmer's market with Jon as he sold wrought iron things he makes in his blacksmith shop. Then Vicki and I spent a half day wandering around PorchFest where folks in a little part of residential Ithaca played music on various porches...all kinds and remarkably good! Ithaca wears it's status as a nerve center of progressiveness well. I also was able to eat dinner with them and another friend at the old Moosewood restaurant. I have owned Molly Katzen's original Moosewood cookbook forever it seems...well, the restaurant is a bit slicker than in the seventies, Molly is long gone and it is in a new location but the vegetarian food is excellent!

I took a couple of days to wind my way through the Adirondacks and decompress from the city life. I visited an ultralite canoe maker and fell in lust with a 12' solo canoe that only weighs 16 pounds...and is not horribly expensive....and even more with the 12' carbon fiber canoe that weighs in at 11 pounds and is twice the cost. $400 carbon fiber fiber paddles rounded out the selection..whew....amazing.

I also enjoyed miles of antique yard sale booths and all the vintage Adirondack camp gear they sold.

I stopped at the Tinckner's Canoe and Kayak tours to look at the 35+ used canoes and kayaks they had for sale. The funny thing is that it is on the Moose River...we lived near the Moose River in AK. I got a shirt....

Now at my brother Mike and family's farm house near Milton, Vermont. Friday I was able to visit my 93 year old step-mommy and she was great...still somewhat lucid and she knew me. Very sweet visit and goodbye, as I don't suppose I will see her again.

We spent yesterday at the Tunbridge World's Fair....a county fair that has been in continuous existence for 138 years! Got to enjoyed the pig races, the oxen pulls and lots of historical stuff , not to mention the ton of junk fair food....awesome.

Tomorrow off to see some friends from Mexico. They live north of here a bit and after that I will head south.

Be well...

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