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Thursday, February 3, 2011

San Felipe, Baja California....

So my friend Paul the adventurer, and I have trekked down to San Felipe to meet up with our friend Mar for a couple of weeks on the beach and camping.

It was great and the food, fabulous but the horrible weather up north has brought winds and cold for the last couple of days and I am inside an awful lot....

Thank goodness for a nice internet cafe across the street where I can hunker down with my lappie and do what I am doing now....

Here are a few shots of our camp and my amigos at Fat Boy's Pizza and Bar downtown.

Mar is industrially teaching her online college courses during the day and Paul an I am wandering around working on our Spanish....we gather for a dinner each evening and go to a different restaurant for something, usually seafood.

I am ready to head back to home but it is just too damn cold there...minus degrees and snow in TorC...yikes...I might as well be in Montana....I could at least see my wifey if I was.....

Soon as it warms a bit I will head north and start a complete redux of my van interior so I can lighten it up and put stuff away a bit better....getting it planned out now and will be ready to slide into the job when I get to TorC.



  1. Hey, the weather was better today, and if you keep your fingers crossed, might be even better tomorrow :-P

  2. Yes indeed, it is better today and yesterday....
    Gonna go manana watching the runners go by this AM while sitting at the internet cafe

  3. Bri! Glad you at least ate some good food, down south. Sorry the weather wasn't ooperating. it's feeling a little warmer up north, now. Hi Paul! Hi Dina!

    Happy Trails, forever!
    Cyndi & Stumpy @ RVly Ever After

  4. hey! this never showed up on my blog feed. i only saw it when i read mar's blog. what's up with that? hope you stay warm, glad you guys had a good time!

  5. I didn't get this feed either! I came by to see what you've been doing (we had Sandy and Gary here tonight and we all missed you)... I went back to check and this post doesn't show up in my reader.

  6. Heidi and Katie...I don't know why that is....I went to my dashboard and looked to see if I could find a place to enable it or that I changed to have it not feed...any ideas?

  7. It is on my feed now. I'll keep watch for another blog and see if it shows up next time.

  8. Hi guys, I think I got it fixed...hope they continue to come through....thanks for the heads up...


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