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Monday, August 15, 2011

I love my sidecar!

I had a nice 300+ mile day on the combination today and was able to get a handle on a few things that need to be adjusted, changed and added. The main thing is that I did not have enough lean-out on the bike and keeping it tracking straight on a cambered road is hard on my arms...mostly the problem is keeping my left arm and hand from going numb...a chronic condition I have that needs a lot of attention and care to keep it from happening and becoming a problem....

As I was riding through the gorgeous desert with beautiful weather, I had a chance to think about what it is about sidecaring that I love so much....actually the many things about it that I love.

I have ridden two wheeled motorbikes for quite a few years but have only been riding  a sidecar combination for about 10. I consider myself still on the learning curve but am comfortable enough on the combi to feel that I can have an opinion.

I like the security of a three-wheeled rig in respect to the road surface, the tripod effect which eliminates the worries of balance, where to park, where I can ride, what I can carry and that I can take my little buddy, Dina Dog, along.

The community is awesome. If you imagine that only a very, very small subset of motorcyclists ride sidecar rigs...the true 1%ers.... :^) and that that small percent are willing to take a perfectly good, ridable motorbike and hang a wheel off to one side and try to make it work right against all of the rules of physics that govern two wheeled motorbikes. Yep...kinda crazy and a bit absurd but for the most part a group of damn good engineers and mechanics. And very friendly....

One needs to be, friendly, outgoing, somewhat gregarious, since sidecar bikes are so odd and non-threatening, we have people coming up at every gas stop, whenever we park at a store, etc. wanting to know about the rig, wanting to tell their stories about their Dad or Grandfather who rode a 1926 Harley with a sidecar and in some cases, to ask if we would give their kid or someone they love, a ride.....

I had that happen at a store just the other day when a man asked me if he could pay me to give his very sick wife a ride. A ride in a sidecar was on her bucket list and she is a 7 year cancer patient still under treatment. Of course I gave her a good ride and my pay was the joy on her face and the tears of happiness as we rode. As they left I heard her telling her husband about the ride and that now she could cross the second thing off her bucket list. I have to tell you it filled my heart to the brim to give her a ride. This one of many opportunities that have come my way while riding my magic carpet....

That is what I think of when I am riding...gratitude for my magic carpet that takes me to places I have only dreamed of.

Last but not least it has extended my riding career as my body ages and I find I don't feel as comfy on two wheels as I used to.....

Thanks for sharing this with me.....

ManyWheels Brian

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  1. I need to amend my post a little bit, My wife informed me the I forgot the other 1% of moto riders....women who ride their own bikes!
    So there ya go...I can't help but agree....


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