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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New bed...

I have been working out the kinks with my new collapsible tent-cot from Kamp-Rite.

I found that the locking struts for holding the cot part open and stretched tight, bent the first time I set it up...after several emails with the company, I was sent several replacement locking struts but apparently I could not get them to look at the weak spot.

Aside from that I am quite happy with it and it is high quality. I can use the cot alone, the tent alone or together with the cot....perfect for me with the sidecar rig. I now have it set up in my bedroom in the house and am getting use to sleeping in it. The very nice thing for me is that unlike their other tent cots it collapses to a package 8"x8"x40".....nice for the hack.

More later,


  1. That's really cool! I've never seen one before but you'll have to let us know how it works for you long term.

    The Tuckerbag

  2. I sure will Ash. I am going to try to keep up more on my blog as time goes on anyway....

  3. Interesting tent set up. We have some of those sacks that have a tent over the end for lightweight camping, but nothing like that.

    I love your header. We spent our honeymoon in Big Bend NP. :-)

  4. Thanks for looking Lisa and thanks for commenting as well.

    I know the bivy sacks you mention and they really do have their niche in camping. I always thought they would be a good addition to my gear.

    These tentcots are limited in what they are good for but for my particular case I think this will help me stay interested in motorcycle touring....

    We will have to see.

    I love Big Bend and it is nice to know others do too...what a beautiful place...

  5. OK...tent cot is very comfy....the better mattress you use the comfier it is but a good thermorest works fine...I like it!

  6. Thanks for the update! I was camping in a wet area last summer and that would have come in handy.

  7. Wow, I could use one of those.


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