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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ok then....

So after some kinda spicy conversations on a couple forums I belong to I realized I was becoming more interested in being right than being happy...Ooooops

So my solution: back off right now and have a more reality based, centered life, only pursue the things on the internet that pertain to my immediate day and that will further my one bucket list item I am working toward at the moment...

Instead of talking with people about concepts and ideas, I need to take a wrench in my hand and do what I do best.

It is so easy for me to take something I did for a while and choke it to death by trying to recreate today I went to Second Hand Rose, my favorite store in town, bought my wife a card, walked down to the ice cream store cum art gallery (which every thing in town is) and listen to the ice cream dipper guy tell me about flat tracking motorcycles...I had no idea he raced and I sat with my mouth shut and listened to some cool stories...

I so love that I have been blessed with the clarity to know what I need to do when I get growly or off center.

I am still chuckling about what my artist friend said about my sidecar rig and what it reminded her of so I ordered a "Main Force Patrol" decal for the bike...every devout Road Warrior devotee will know that Max was a patrolman for Main Force when the SHTF  down under......

Happy petrol finding and watch out for Toecutter....


  1. Hi Bri,

    Mind if I ask you for some help in advance? Since you and your site led me to the Honda CT I've been on the lookout for one to buy. When I do, I think I might need a little help in making sure it's running alright and that there are no mechanical surprises down the road. Let me know either way. I can take it!


  2. Hi Steve, I would be glad to help any way I can...

  3. Nice one, Pops! Recenter, refocus, back on track... I like it. It's mostly after the fact that I realize that I ran the yap rather than sat back and took in the scene, but sometimes I can get on top of it and it flows with little resistance. Love this post!

  4. Nice post, Pops. Recenter, refocus, restraint... lovely when it comes together so. I usually catch myself after running my yap for too long. Ah well, we get better with time!
    Enjoy. I.

  5. Thanks Son, I am with you taking a bit to realize it but it is way more often that it doesn't take very long. I get a little uneasy in my stomach and think, uh-oh, did it again. Off center. I do wish I could remember that my business ends at the tip of my nose.

    Feeling good now though and I always find that when I am this way, I am way more ready to address opportunities to be of service when they come up. Cool!

    I love you Isaac and hope your transition into the school year is smooth and joyful....

  6. Hi Brian i read your blog from time to time i realy like your motorcycle with the sidecar i bet u can put lots in it the vans pretty sweet to

  7. Thanks Borny, I appreciate your looking and nice words. I love the sidecar and you are right, I can carry a nice camp with me and still have my riding buddy, Dina the Dog with me.

  8. I love LOVE the sidecar! That photo... are those Cadillacs? What are they doing hanging out in the pasture? lynette

  9. Hi Lynette.....Thanks, glad you love the too....
    Yep they are caddies and I have no idea why they are in the field except it is some farmer's art statement. He had a few other things there too....I may use photos of those as I change the photo... I can't remember exactly where that was but it was in the middle of tons of farmland in one of the plains state...kind of out of the blue...


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