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Sunday, May 13, 2012

The call of the road....

I am sneaking up to a leave date for a summer on the rig up to and around the PNW...

The bike is in good shape. My camp is sorted out and I am now taking care of the things around the property that need doing so I can leave it with a good feeling. I just finished up the yard and now it is the painting that needs doing....

When it feels like time to leave, I'll ride up to visit with my sweetie in between her job demands, take care of some honey-dos, have a couple of days with Kit to enjoy ourselves and then head west....

I will try to keep up on the blog and get some photos on it as I go...still trying to decide on which computer to take....the old "boat anchor" that has everything on it and is easy to use, or the  netbook with Ubuntu that is light and small and that I have about zero skills's a toss up.

I will try the netbook out for blogging and see how it works for that before deciding. I would really like to take it instead of my older Compaq.

I have been messing around with a 16 ounce wide-mouth thermos for cooking brown rice on the road...I think I have it worked out for short grain brown rice and if, after a couple more tries, I feel good about it, I'll take it along so I can have freshly cooked rice meals.

That's about it....stay well and happy trails,
ManyWheels Bri


  1. Hi Brian,
    If you are in the area stop by for a visit. Lincoln City, OR on the coast.

  2. I sure will Susan...thanks for the invite...much appreciated...I saw that you are work-kamping and you seem to really like the place...I am pretty sure I will be by there...

    I don't think I have your phone...can you email me it or should I just wait until I get near and email you?


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