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Wednesday, May 16, 2012


To hell with the little Stanley thermos! It is too much hassle for too little gain....

I instead will stop in stores and buy things like RiceSides that make two meals out of each package for me with a little canned or dried meat of some kind...summer sausage or foil packed Spam slice...maybe tuna fish or Chinese dried, shredded pork. Hey, we live in America where there is at least one food store in every town.

That's all, just got that out of the less thing to carry...



  1. I never could get good brown rice using a Thermos, either, despite numerous attempts. It works well for hot cereal, but rice seems to need more cooking.

  2. Really? My ShuttleChef works really well but for it to work that well you need to cook a bunch of rice...way more than I can eat in even a couple meals and no ice, no dice.....


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