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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The trip begins....slowly

I left TorC about 9 am yesterday and am now in Durango where I will hang with Kit and take of my honey-do list.

I may be here a week or two but don't know how I will do that long with the elevation...I usually only stay here a week.

Everything is going well with the rig and usually the first day tells the story....

One pesky little development is that my GPS is giving me not turning on when I need it....not good and I will make some effort to correct the problem or will leave it here in DGO...

I realized I  forgot an item or two and that I left the A/C turned on in the TorC house. I will ask a friend to take care of the A/C  but the forgotten items I can't do anything about...s'ok!

More as it happens....


  1. Sorry I didn't get to see you before you left, Bri. It took me an extra day to get home from Seattle, due to Steve's truck breaking down on the way to fetch me from the ABQ airport. Hope you and Kit are having some fun besides just getting stuff done! xoxo to you both, Sue

  2. I am sorry I didn't see you either, Sue. Too bad about the truck. Email me what happened would you?
    Kit has a big fire right now so she may only be able to take a half day off, if that...she is working lots of hours....

    I keep watching weather up north and I will probably stay until it gets a little better...can't wait too long tho. I have a date with my son for the last week of June, to hang with him and the kids....

    How about an update via email on your visit with Sly...
    Hugs, Bri

  3. I haven't been in Durango in years! As I remember it was beautiful and very friendly.

    The Tuckerbag


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