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Sunday, June 3, 2012

On the road....

Hi all, I am currently at the Burger King in Beaver Utah for brekkie and wifi...mostly coffee and

I spent the night before that in a little bowl up against some cliffs underneath a gorgeous Pinon pine tree that looked like a Bonsai plant...stunning! And was just west of Capital Reef National Park where the CG was full....hah, their loss, our gain!

Then yesterday the ride over Utah Hwy 12 which may be in the top five best rides in America in my opinion. Found a sweet little place called the Burr Trail Trading post where the locals were conducting a tiny little Farmer's Market and I got the most amazing loaf of fresh baked whole wheat bread! Got some good coffee there as well.

My destination for last night was the Beaver Canyon CG in Beaver, UT...yep, no lie!) and Maria's Cocina...where the CG owner's wife cooks some very excellent Mexican food for dinner every day....pork Chimi for at $12 for one old phart on a bike. And a nice evening and camp on grass with a great shower and dog walking area...

I will have to wait to put up photos as they are on my phone and camera and it is a pain when I have only a few minutes of wifi....

Today hoping to be well into Nevada and on highway 50...a long and lonely stretch of of the originals though...will upload a pic of that...the rest are on my camera so will put them on my blog when I have the opportunity....

I am going to put in a plug for Utah...a state you don't see talked about on here or on vandwellers forum and I don't know why....there are thousands of acres of free camping and dirt roads to explore and the red rock and sandstone cliffs are mindboggling...
Do yourself a favor and come and enjoy them. If you are mobile enough to. If you are living in a vehicle to live really cheaply of course you won't move it much but, if like me, you live in one to travel and see the country, and I know seveeral of you are...don't pass up Utah....they even sell good coffee these


  1. Love southern Utah and hwy 12! Loneliest road isn't bad either -have a good trip! Hope you get some good pictures!

  2. Can't wait to see some pics and hear some tales.

  3. Thanks for the comments Karen and Tony and Dragonfly.....
    It will be a while before I shlep some photos onto the computer to put on here...first I don't take very many...too damn busy trying to make my way through life. Unfortunately I only have the ability to do one thing at a time.
    And secondly I brought my Netbook that has Ubuntu on it and I am still not very familiar with doing stuff like photo downloading. I will learn tho....
    Hugs to all,


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