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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Excellent travels...

Hi all, I am now at Nelda and Jerries for a night or two....and having a great trip ....In the last week or so I rode over to the coast at Fortuna, CA and up to Newport, OR where I stayed at one of my old Navy buddy's and his family and attended a home school eighth grader's graduation with them. Lots of nice chats and good times. Then today I stopped and had coffee with Susan of Minny Minerva blog fame and it was great to see her.....I had camped with her, another woman Robbi and Steve the wild Texan from our very own ranks at City of Rocks CG in New Mexico much earlier this year...

It is so cool to see my friends Nelda and Jerry! We hit it off at the first RTR and have been good friends ever since....
They are very kind and gracious and it is nice to spend some more time with them.....

Next will be Suanne and John if they are home and accepting guests.

More as we go...


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Me and my buddy
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