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Monday, June 4, 2012

A little further along...

So after a good night in Cold Spring CG camped with some young bicyclists on their way across country, I headed off at 7:30 AM without coffee to get a jump on what promised to be a hot day....
I had a good ride until just after Reno and the ride up the pass....Here is the post I put up on Yahoo and CRL...:

Hmmm, well time to make an admission....shamefacedly... Dina and I got absolutely blasted with cold rain coming over the Sierras and since there is a lot of construction on I-90 over the pass, I wasn't able to get ready for rain and batten all hatches....I did finally get the rain gear on, the cover on the sidecar and then rode for literally hours with both boots full of cold water, gloves soaking wet and cold and a stupid tinted dark smoke face shield got us by surprise!

So that is the lead up to the admission of a night in Motel Six in Oroville, CA to dry off and get warm again. It works good for that...LOL

Now! the bonus to a dry night is that when I was walking Dina Dog, I discovered Taquiria Estrella! A little store front taco joint...20 years in the same spot and if there is one thing I like as well or better than my Arrey Cafe Huevos Rancheros Rojo, are "street tacos" carne asada and/or carnitas! I polished off 4 and am a happy, very grateful ol' dry phart!

We'll see what tomorrow brings for route...not Fort Bragg like I originally thought it would be.

OK, now back to the weather channel....

Happy Trails,


  1. Everybody needs a place to warm up and dry out after a soaking like the one you got. :)

    I really like your cot tent. I used to camp in a Clark Jungle Hammock. That looks similar, only better because it looks like you can sit up in it.

  2. Thanks...I like it a lot....handles a pretty good storm as well. I also carry a Hennessey hammock along although I don't sleep in it too much. I like it for relaxing though...I am not familiar with a Clark hammock but I do remember the old military jungle hammock...

    Happy trails...

  3. Been there, done that! Back in '67, on my brand new Bridgestone 175 Dual Twin, I was headed home when I saw a wall of rain coming toward me. Nowhere to go and no time to get my rain suit on! I pulled into a farmhouse about a 1/4 mile ahead, and by then I was soaked to the skin. The rain suit only held the moisture in, and maybe kept it from evaporating too fast so I didn't get overly cold, but it sure was uncomfortable on the rest of the ten miles home! But that's the trade offs when you're a full time biker, like I was back then. And now I wish my back wasn't in such bad shape, because I would do it again in a heartbeat if I was able! Enjoy it while you can!
    John at

  4. Yeppers, as they say, it's in the mix. You get some painful times but some intense joy and the rest of the trip has been that joy...
    Thanks for the comment John, much appreciated....I'll bet you feel about the old Bridgestone like I feel about some of my old bikes...I sure wish I had it would be worth a lot more than it sold for the. My very first bike was a clapped out, rusted up Indian Chief that never ran but I wish I had it now...,

  5. Jay (my daughter) and I have always been of the opinion that street tacos can fix anything! Sooooo nummy! Love to you and Dina, ~Heidi

  6. Hi Heidi!
    You are so right about that!!!!
    Love to you too! See you soon I hope...


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