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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Trying to not a wish away a day....

I am soooo, impatient to get to the docs tomorrow. TMI as to why, but it will be a relief and hopefully a step out of the medical drama...

Meanwhile since I have been locked into my house for about a week....and I am a hand-on kinda guy....I am going a little stir crazy...tons of reading, praying and meditating...(what happens if I become too spiritual?)
haha...joke...., video watching, etc.

So today, and I really needed to get to this, I dug out the 28 120 minute cassette tapes of my Dad's life narrated by him and  started digitizing them for the rest of my family.

Oh man, to hear his voice after all these years is a rush. I miss that ol' boy so much and feel lucky to have had him as my Father.

I am using a Ion tape convertor and have yet to see how well it works. I am uploading to Itunes and hope to download to thumb drives for the family.....

A good use of my time....

I listened through the first tape side and wanted to keep listening but I will try and increase the volume a bit in Itunes to make it easier to hear him.....



  1. Heal, Brian! HEAL! I'll visualize a general healing for you so that my mind's eye doesn't get all handsy and personal.

  2. Hahaha...thanks sister R! Much appreciated....visualizing is good...I have been doing that too....general is good too...the Creator knows, I can use all the healing! Hope to have a coffee with you one day soon....

  3. Hope you're feeling good, today, Bri! And better and better and stronger and stronger, every day. I hope Kit doesn't mind. I'm going to do some visualizing, too!

  4. I am feeling way better Cyndi.....and thank you. Will post on it....
    Hugs to you and pets to Stumpy...


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