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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Power of prayer and visualization....

Hi friends,

Well today...the 20th ....I am appearing to be back to a good facsimile of "normal"!  Had a great night and my body is feeling good, I have no medical devices clamped or inserted and I appear to be free of losing blood....

Thank you my friends and family for your beautiful, healing and warm thoughts and prayers. It worked and while I will go slow for a couple days to keep the healing doing it's job, I think I am over the rough stuff for today, which of course is all we I am thrilled!

On a low note, my efforts to digitize my father's tapes is scraping the bottom....damn ignorance! I often find myself lost in the world of computer jargon and lacking the experience and/or the knowledge to move forward and this is one of those times. I find the right software and download it fine but somewhere along the way it asks me things that are greek or geek and I have no idea about...things like ASPI drivers that I do not have on my little old puter...argh....

Obviously not an area where my intuition works for me....:)

Anyway...enough and I hope your day is computer/stress-free.....

Love and Peace,



  1. Yipeeeeee!!!! So happy to hear you're doing well. Of course the prayers will continue!

    I can totally relate to not relating to the computer jargon when trying to learn something. I search you tube videos. Someone somewhere has made a video about everything. Much easier to learn something that reading through blah blah blah or whatever they said...


  2. Thanks again sister.....I think they help and are needed. I am not out of the deep water yet...doc visit yesterday with a stronger antibiotic, etc..... could be a lot worse and I am being forced by my body to chill out and take it easy....and to ask friends for help...that has to be good....
    Hugs and Peace,

  3. Brian, if the tapes are invaluable to you, I would not risk trying to digitize them myself. Like you I lack the expertise. I think I would find someone experienced who has the knowledge and pay to have them done. I am working through tons of photos to scan and preserve and enhance as needed but I do have the training to do the job on that. I have video tapes I will probably pay to have done as it is really over my head.

    Glad you are better. Heading to Port Angeles and Port Townsend and hope to see old friends there and paddle the Wooden Boat Festival with GG.

  4. Hi Charlene....Sorry for the delay. Having too much
    Thanks for the info....You may have hit it on the head...I wonder what it would cost...? No one local does it I am pretty sure...
    If you are in PT and PA be sure to give gg a big hug from me...and enjoy the water paddling...


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