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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Changing views...

These last few months have been enlightening to me as I find that I REALLY enjoy being grounded in one place.

I spent my entire life living the life of a nomad....honestly, from the first I remember traveling across the US on a train with my mother and sister and I was maybe 4 years the last long trip on the moto-rig, I have adventured and lived much of my life on the road and moving about the country and some of the world.

When I was going through the ironing out of my Vietnam war experiences, I spent a lot of time with a VA counselor and VA psychiatrist. One thing the counselor mentioned to me during our journey together was that the one thing I had never done in my life was to stay somewhere and grow roots...ooof, I didn't really think that had a lot of interest to me so I put it on a back burner. Maybe sometime in the future I might find somewhere that actually felt like a place I would call home and I would revisit the idea.

Well it has happened and I am finding it to be refreshing, comfortable and perfectly natural feeling for me to be here in the present, in my chosen (or that the Universe provided) place on the planet....

What an interesting thing for a guy addicted to motion and movement to find out!

I can go anywhere in this little town and meet friends and acquaintances, most of whom I like and enjoy, and have a conversation or just a quick howdy do and feel like I know my neighbors. Our conversations pick up where they left off the last time we met and leave off again where we stop talking...

I guess this has something to do with roots...I don't really is, as I say, a foreign concept to me. I always find it easy to talk to and meet people wherever I is a gift I enjoy....but to have the continuity is really pretty nice.

Here I am invested, financially, politically, emotionally and very much a citizen among I can make a difference even if it is just a smile and asking how someone's loved one is faring....

Maybe this is old hat for some...maybe it is your turn to live the nomadic life and I honor that. It is good. But I don't carry envy, just a gratitude for having lived my life as full as it has been and to find that in the later years I can enjoy the comfort of a hometown....



  1. Good golly sir, I do regret our not getting to sit and talk more when we were at City of Rocks together. I think we definitely had some notes to compare, stories to share, and interesting conclusions to draw. This simply gives me another reason to stop by and visit you!

  2. Sometimes roots sneak up on you... I've got roots everywhere! T or C included!

  3. Hi Steve. Ah...well we do roll on don't we? But I am here now and I have room for a visit...It would be good to see you...I enjoyed meeting you and am sure we have commonalities....



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