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Sunday, July 28, 2013


I don't have much to report of late. Lots of doctor stuff trying to stay ahead of the cancer and be sure nothing else is sneaking up on this 'ol boy. I truly want to be healthy enough to travel in September.

Also I am hosting some CT90 building in my yard and shop...we bought 7 and I had one in pieces already...Ed is building two, Dick took one back to MI for his grandson and Steve is heading toward building one for for me, helpful to them and the ultimate goal and my main agenda is to have more buddies on them to go explore the desert with. I don't do it alone any more because at my age and medical issues, not a good idea to be a lone wolf.

I slowly go through the material stuff that is clogging my space and sell it on Ebay or give it away, or in some extreme cases, throw it out...argh, yeah I's only when it is in the last ditch. (grin)

My spiritual life has reached another dimension and I know I have talked about it just expands and resonates for me. I have been really inspired by my native American friends who have embraced their oral traditions and how it has given them such a better a grasp on their roots and inspired them to learn and keep alive those traditions.

After a particularly amazing Navajo sweat with several of my local brothers up in Window Rock, one of whom is a full blood Native American, I was encouraged to pursue my own roots as I have deep roots in the UK. My forebears sat in sweat lodges as well and invoked the same earth spirits. I know it was transforming for me and the impetus I needed to pursue the path I am on.

I am on that path now and amazed at how the traditions resonate with me.....

So I hope to meet some of you on the path,

Blessings be,



  1. Hey Brian, I'm another ct90 guy, just moved to Silver. I would like to probe your brain regarding these bikes. How can I get in touch with you? Mike

  2. Hi Mike, you can ping me at and leave me your phone number. I will call you back...
    Honestly I am quite under the weather these days but can turn you on to another couple guys into them here in TorC....


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